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Pastor's Monthly Column
The Following Words

The following list of words seems to be very unpopular in the world these days. The following list is what the Bible emphasizes and what the church of Christ Jesus holds dear.

Dedicate. Duty. Commit. Self denial. Discipline. Promise. Covenant. Responsible. Engage. Declared intent. Intentional. Deliberate. Faith. Belief. Serve. Servant. Slave of all. Tithe. Give. Learn. Worship. Witness. Devote.

And the big one. The Cross. As in, the Cross of Jesus.

St. Jacob Lutheran Church is looking for those people who are on the fringes of life to come here to worship, to be a part of congregational life, to be a part of something, and Someone, greater than themselves. Will you say “yes” to Jesus Christ our Lord? Will you say “yes” to St. Jacob Lutheran Church? Will you say “yes” to giving and serving? Will you say “yes” to the rule and reign of God?

In Christ’s service, † Pastor Lynn T. Williamson


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